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Mobile Phone App Development: Your Guide to Mobile

We are helping your bring your dreams to life in the form of first-class digital solutions.

You have an ambitious idea, starting a new business, looking into the future.We are experienced developers for hire who have designed hundreds of successful applications for business across all industries. If you are interested in software development like we are, you will find this article helpful, as we will talk about some of the important aspects of software creation.

How to Choose the Developer?

If you are ready to embrace the future or just want to be in line with present, you are probably thinking of designing a mobile phone solution for your business. The first thing that many people ask from our mobile experts, is our daily rate, but is this factor really all that important? We believe that there are other factors that indicate reliable and experienced mobile phone app development companies besides daily rates. And no, this is not because our daily rates are high. In fact, our prices are really affordable eif compared to other leading digital companies in the UK. It is because the overall cost of app development depends on other important factors, and the daily rat is far from being the determinant one.

The Future of the Mobile Phone App Development Industry

Recent reports indicate, that the smartphone industry reached it peak in the year 2016, causing mobile phone developers to think how this is going to affect the future of mobile phone development. Most of them believe that this means a greater demand for mobile phone applications. Internet technologies professionals believe that the innovations mostly have to do with the software, not the hardware, so we should focus on mobile phone app development rather than smartphone manufacturing. Another major forecast concerns the so-called Internet of Things - it is expected that by 2018, about 25% of all mobile phone apps will be work with the devices connected to IoT.

How to choose professional mobile app developers?

Is Daily Rate Important?

If you hire a developer who works solely on daily rates, you can never know how long the entire development process will take. A professional web designer will provide you with a full plan of works on different aspects like coding, design, implementation, etc. and a cost estimate based on the daily rates. Daily rates are convenient if the requirements for the software need to be changed for some reason, because you will know the approximate basis to calculate the cost for additional development time.

How to Spot an Inexperienced Developer?

To add more, you never know how much work will the developers accomplish within the given period of time - every team has its own pace, which depends on the skills, talent and experience of the specialists. This is another reason to demand a comprehensive plan and quotation from the developer. On the other hand, there is a risk that an inexperienced developer will provide you with an over-optimistic plan. Therefore, make sure that you keep in line with the process and track the developer’s progress with the project. Ask the developer to keep you informed and provide you with regular reports on their achievements. If you see that the developers fails to follow the plan and lags behind, it is a red flag that the team does not have enough expertise to meet the deadline and deliver a quality product.

App Development Risk Factors

Here is a list of factors to pay attention to because they can significantly increase development costs:

  • Designs not optimised for mobile. Design that does not fit into your brand;
  • Developers working offshore;
  • Additional work due to the failure to meet the requirements or other issues;
  • Poor client communication and project managements;
  • Starting the project all over with another developer because of the bad previous choice.
The Internet of Things

The majority of IoT devices can be controlled via smartphone apps or browsers. However, application is viewed as the most convenient and efficient way to control such devices because they provide for a better user experience, and allow you to store and analyse large amounts of data. So it is most likely that in the future apps will change their purpose from being free-standing tools for entertainment, lifestyle and productivity to being mediators between the users and more powerful IoT devices.

Smartphone and Tablet App Design

Have you found the develop you were looking for? Then it is time to choose the platforms and devices you will design your program for. It is a good idea to create a digital product that is compatible with both tablets and smartphones, but you should be aware of the differences in usage and design of these two types of mobile devices. Instead of optimising the images to suit a larger screen of the tablet,you should think of making the app more tablet-friendly on the deeper level of UX and UI design.

Tablet Design Tips

Here are some tips about tablet app design that our expert designers would like to share with you:

  • Think through about whether your business really needs an application. Statistics shows that tablet users prefer web browsing to application usage. On the other hands, people love smartphone apps because browsing the web is les convenient on smaller screens, while apps present the information in a more readable way, and offer a quick and easy functionality. Tablets lack this advantage in many ways. If you are absolutely sure that a tablet app is a must - then be ready to invest much more effort into app design.
  • Tablets are often shared devices, used within a family or a couple. Therefore, you need to ensure that the functionality supports multiple users, for instance, that it is easy to switch between accounts.
  • Decide what your expectations about the tablet are. Maybe it will be better to just use your smartphone app, displaying it on the tablet as it is, if you target at the low end of the market.
  • If your program has some functionality that needs mobile phone network connection like SMS messages, phone calls and so on, you will need to entirely modify it, because many tablets can be connected to the internet via Wi-Fi only.
  • Tablet is mainly used as a supplement to a smartphone. So it is a good idea to consider options for synchronizing the data stored on the two devices.
Optimise Your Website For Mobile Phones

Another valuable advice from our developers - if you decide that you do not need an app of any kind because a website will cover your needs, take time to design it well. Mobile-friendliness is a must in the modern world where mobile phone usage has exceeded desktop usage, and it is really irritating when you access one website after another that fails to work properly on a tablet or a smartphone. Quality is what matters, you can keep everything basic, but make it usable. And the most important thing - work with professional team to get your awesome app and rise your business to the next level of success.

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User Experience

Put the User in the Center

App Design Experts

Services We Provide

User experience is one of the keys to success of software products. At our mobile phone app development company, we work hard on every detail of the application to ensure that it is intuitive and efficient. We would like to point out some difficulties that may completely spoil the user experience. They are as follows:

  • Complex installation with too many steps in the process;
  • Poor visibility and discovery, bad search engine optimisation and app store optimisation;
  • Too much in-app purchases;
  • Excessive data usage;
  • Software purpose is not clear;
  • Intrusive commercials and push notifications

Today it is pretty easy to avoid these mistakes - after all, there are so many tools and tutorials that can help you with the task. However, there are many apps that fail to click with users. Sometimes they cannot understand the idea, behind the app, sometimes they do not like the design, in other cases it is even hard to tell what is wrong. Therefore, usability is important, but you should not get too focused on it, what you should really focus on is your users - they are the cornerstone of any app development process.

If you need the help of a professional team of developers, designers and managers, contact us. Our app design agency is based in London and has a solid background in software creation with the use of all modern technologies and tools. The list of our client ranges from small local businesses to large international corporations, from startups to long-established brands, from online retailers to governmental organisations. We are proud of our company’s portfolio, which is comprised of a great amount of good-looking, user-friendly and feature-rich applications and websites. If you find yourself in need of a digital solution or you want some professional advice on app development, dro us a lone - we will be happy to hear from you.

We offer a wide range of software development services and consulting:

  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • Android
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  • PHP and MySQL
  • Responsive website design
  • Content management system development
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  • Research and analytics
  • Software testing
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