Amazon Developer- New Tasks Ahead for Kindle Fire HD Development

Well, we are going to see the Kindle Fire HD next week and Amazon wants its developers to make sure that their early adopters have many apps before they buy the devices that are coming next week. The Amazon has already provided all the tools required that are being required by the developers. However, they have not gone through the details. It does look that Kindle Fire and the Fire HD are certainly not like the Ipad 2 and the new Ipad. You will find that these apps can work quite well on both of devices. Hence, you will find that these apps are going to work equally well on the higher screen resolution with better hardware. There have been releases of some of the materials that are being used for developing the HD apps. Some work is to be done for the Amazon developer.

There is a war for balancing the resolution. Amazon has indicated that it requires the apps to support the three resolutions that are being used across the kindle fire line- 1024×600, 1280×800 and 1920×1200. You will be getting first few devices within a week. However, developers can take the advantage of the massive resolution after November 20 that will be coming with the 8.9 inch Kindle Fire HD. You will also find the User experience guidelines as well that will be showing the developers, the method to make the most of the screen size. Well, you can call them the screen real estate.

As an Amazon developer, you will be developing for the Kindle Fire HD but it does mean that you are developing for the Android 4.0. You will be getting the extreme modded version the above popular mobile OS. However, there is a lot of the same code from the ICS. You will find that the Amazon has certainly added software in the form of the API 15. Now the developers can easily get used to both, when you are developing for the Kindle Fire HD. You will also find the Development Best Practices guide as well and they have just started to develop the ICS Kindle Fire HD.

Amazon developer does implement hardware acceleration that is being afforded by the ICS into their apps. However, you will need to add the support for the Android 4.0.3 API 15 libraries. There are some apps, that certainly rely on the video or animation and for them we certainly need the hardware acceleration. If you as an Amazon developer hop on board you will find that Kindle Fire HD is much awaiting. However, there is a change required for the Mobile app distribution portal.

You will find that Kindle Fire HD certainly is going to give a good completion to the Ipad and that is the breaking news. However, there is the implementation required for the developers before the kindle Fire HD takes over the scene. The emergence of the Kindle Fire HD is certainly a good sign for the Amazon Developer. If you are interested in collaborating with TBL Development Firm, contact them on their website.