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Regardless of what your company is looking for, our experienced team of more than 150 mobile developers will work with you to create innovative solutions that meet the most demanding requirements of your business.

Android App Development Services

Professional Android developers can take on any task at any time, using a wealth of experience and experience.

  • Reviewing the app code
  • Customize programming;
  • Consulting, design UI / UX, QA;
  • Android for iOS migration
  • Integrate Android software with existing solutions;
  • Launch Google Play, support, maintenance, and platform upgrades.
  • Google Play Market Optimization.

For each app we produce, we guarantee:

  • Verified waterfall method, carefully crafted specifications or agile methods, rapid promotion, including sprint and sprint, productive work for your ideas;
  • Comprehensive production cycle.
  • Digital copyrights

Our experts, Android developers provide customers with the most useful and perfect development of software to meet the needs of the business. The combination of technologies including commercial software design, advanced network management, reporting solutions, custom software development, allows us to announce that our developers can offer the customers a wide range of services and support to expand the presence of our technology in business For now, the goal is now tomorrow.

Our developers have extensive experience in building a variety of strategic business apps for the company. Our developers have built a series of highly successful projects in recent years so we can ensure that our developers can boast of proven work standards and have the ability to use the latest concepts in the field of modern business software development. These programs can be based on very specific processes, including all corporate systems with integrated production processes and CRM for use with HR tools.

  • Our Android app developers are extraordinary in business. We have a well-selected team, with a wide range of skills, there are dozens of technical talents.
  • In case of
  • We like Android and iOS, but the opening of Google platform simply means that it allows other people to relax. This is our favorite Android app feature, and we can implement these features in your app to make it the most attractive and convenient.

We think that Android app building is one of our main advantages. Developers are committed to building powerful local programs for the Android platform, delivering compelling consumer reviews. Our developers have experience with almost all operating systems.

A unique combination of lucky companies and advanced thinking start-up companies work with our organizations to expand the apps that interact with systems, encourage and addresse many business issues. If you have a project vision, our developers will turn it into life.

  • Java, Corona, Titanium, HTML5, C #, C ++, CSS3
  • Ruby on Rails, Node.js, XML, JSON, REST

Our developers will work with you to create a mobile strategy, discover and optimize app features, create roadmaps, and provide clickable prototypes. Then you will have everything to buy, attract investors and start developing the least viable product.

  • Frame tasks

Understanding the business objectives of mobile products

Result: Reliable mobile strategy

  • Capture ideas

Generate and optimize product functionality

Result: product definition

  • Achieving Goals

Create a visual representation to verify

Result: App Prototype

App development will not start or end with programming. There are many variations of the part and other task factors that are part of the initial intention to achieve. That's why app strategy is an indispensable part of our development services.

Product strategy based on wireframe creation, organization of app parameters and according to the specific circumstances to determine the scope and requirements of each project. At this stage, developers use information, insider knowledge, current trends, and mature strategies to define the appropriate responses for the customer. Our method usually includes the following components:

  • Evaluate ideas and trends related to the customer industry
  • Contact clients to identify desires and challenges
  • Taking into account the views of interested parties, make a preliminary assessment of the wishes and requests
  • Identify business logic
  • Goal planning, advertising and marketing planning

The solution created in this step is used to define the tasks of the development and design phases.

To get the most out of your target audience, it's important to contact them anytime, anywhere, and only when the mobile app is useful. The development process can be quite expensive and time consuming, however, with the planning ahead and the correct realization, it is possible to reduce the risk.

MV (the most valuable product)

Excellence strategies will include creating very simple application versions with key features that can be tested in real time. Unlike the final product, MVP - is the initial draft, showing its potential to the end user. This development minimizes costs and allows initial concepts to be verified without high development risks and will not be available early in the market.

MMP (minimum market product)

Unlike MVP, MMP is a product created specifically for first-time needs. The app is quick to start with the most relevant features, so the money used in the early stages is used to continue funding and develop more substantial prototypes. Compared to the full Android applications, the costs of MMP are very low.

Design based on functionality

From the initial idea to the final polishing, our design is based entirely on the functionality and convenience of the user. Our designers have created a perfect layout, not only a beautiful image, but also an efficient tool for interacting with Android applications.

Our custom application development design includes the product's core and UX aesthetic elements, such as wireframe, font, style, model, palette and overall visual recognition of the application. At all stages of product creation, we work closely with our customers to ensure that we meet our needs.

Our Android testers conduct comprehensive quality checking across multiple devices in different environments. We carry out extensive application testing throughout the development cycle, including manual and automated testing and visual quality checks to ensure product functionality is seamless and a positive user experience.

Our approach includes the following:

  • Manual and automated testing by the internal staff of the Android developers
  • Quality Assurance Council
  • Integration testing throughout the overall development cycle

Our working methods allow us to test, detect and correct errors that may occur at some point in the project life cycle. In the development process, we offer transparency and encourage cooperation with customers at all stages.

In our application development company, we will never leave after the product is released. We have kept our customers for a long time, helping to extract the full value of the software, maximize profits and update the plan based on the digital market trend to ensure the best user experience possible.

  • How can we keep the app up to date?
  • Bug fixes
  • Study analysis
  • Updated version
  • Based on user reviews and changing needs
  • User participation and retention management

From Swiftkey's simple text content charts for revolutionaries like Swype, you have many excellent keyboard alternatives in Android. Writing on a small mobile keyboard is not always so easy, so Android has shown a variety of options to make it possible to reduce the user's pain as much as possible.

When we develop the software, our developers always plan to interact with the interface, you can be sure that even the small screen can also be typed into the application and sending the message is no problem.

One of the most practical and useful Android applications is the Tasker-Automation program, which can open and close settings in some applications, time, location and any other possible conditions in the day. If the program does not meet all the needs, our developers can create absolutely innovative programs to control the operation of the device. Using the correct custom program, you will have access to the deeper settings, which is almost impossible on other platforms.

If you need some special features on your device's home screen, you can connect directly to your business or visit the ongoing process. Our Android developers will provide the right solution: different hops, gestures, and even low-level settings can accelerate the production efficiency of mobile phones.


When you need something always visible, such as workflow activities or company submission processes, our developers can create a useful widget for a custom corporate application. It may take some space or cover half of the main screen, there is no limit to creativity. You can always provide useful business events for important business events, and the list of widgets that have the features you need is no longer useful.

Update your app

Developers have the opportunity to create applications that offer advanced features on Android. If you already have mobile software that does not meet the growing needs of the business, we can make a complete adjustment and create a new upgrade to meet all requirements. Of course, this does not seem easy, and can sometimes require full code rewriting and lead to higher costs. That's why we always recommend that our customers think of custom applications developed from scratch. In any case, for our developers, there is nothing impossible.

Experienced Android app developers

We produce well-developed Android apps with advanced features, excellent design and attractive user experience. We have a long history of developing mobile apps for Android and other mobile platforms.

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