Android Game Apps, How Quality Assurance Testing Is Done

Quality assurance is one thing that just cannot be discarded either you are making Android game apps or you are making a big traffic management software. The concept remains the same and we are dealing with the software in this case as well. Undoubtedly, an Android project can be transformed into various modules. You can use the GANTT and PERT charts to divide the labor and we do have the cost estimation methods like COCOMO II working out here as well. You just need to make sure that you calculate the LOC through the perfect definition of the LOC metrics that is quite important. The Android is a bit different from C++, JAVA and C# environment and hence then we need to prepare a new LOC metrics for this as well. Once we calculate the size and prepare the total analysis report, we will be able to define the QA norms for the Android application development project as well.

Quality assurance is quite dependent on the experience of the company. As far as TBL Development Firm is concerned, you are very close to CMM level V and that makes this company one of the hot favorite. Tommy Woodfin can be rated the best as per TSP as well as CMMI and ISO ratings. He is a perfect team man and always encourages his team members to deliver the best. With him, we can think of a great future and the big thing is that he laid emphasis on all the platforms for mobile application development. With PhoneGap, he feels his team should soon come to the party. Let us come back to QA testing of the Android game apps. You can go through many Android developments PDF but you are going to find the experience of Tommy an awesome help. He is a mastermind and an expert.

You can think of the integration test for testing these Android game apps. Testing is an important part of the Android game development. There should be one QA team of at least two experts and there can be many testers worldwide. Each of them needs to have different smart phones from various companies. An Android game testing company must have at least 40 different types of smart phones and Tablet and only then, they will come to know about the actual bug in the game. An Android game can run well on one smart phone and it can fail in the other.

The test cases need to be decided by an expert and the tester will have to test the game for each of the test cases. White box testing is certainly much better than black box but only the coder can perform the white box testing. Hence, at first the black box testing is being performed by the tester and then the coder perform the white box testing in the reported part.

All kind of testing is generally done including the integration testing and the requirement analysis report is being given a thorough look while preparing the test cases. For Android app developers these Android game apps need to be tested by the best testers and on all handsets. If you are interested in collaborating with TBL Development Firm, contact them on their website.