We Make Apple Developer’s Costs Transparent

When working with our company, you can be sure that we provide the most transparent costs and the fairest prices to offer top-level solutions to all commercial needs that are delivered in the shortest possible time.

More than eight years of experience make it possible to build a long-term partnership in conditions of mutual benefits.

What are the fees for app development?

This question was the most common we have received from potential clients. With eight years in the industry and an overview of applications that we have, we are ready to explore this epic theme in depth.

  • The cost of software is generally based on functions, complexity and platform.
  • Applications with back-end servers will cost more and more.
  • The simple program for an Apple platform will start at around £ 20,000.
  • Challenging applications cost six numbers, but can cost up to $ 1,000,000.
  • The fees also vary depending on who creates them (independent developer, development company, high-level digital agency, etc.).
  • Do not forget to budget for marketing, updates, your own salary and other costs.

Rates vary, of course. For example, there is a significant difference between the participation of an independent professional, a group of offshore developers or development agencies. In the same way, the rate is affected by the availability of the app, which requires the creation of the back-end server or other functions that are autonomous and that may be unique.

The cost of working with independent professionals or offshore companies will also be different and probably much smaller: our demarcation limit is £ 8,000, but in that case you must decide if you want to provide quality and time and control every step of the development.

Jason Kelekenis has received a lot of email that new companies need to invest in their first round of financing in general. The first full round increases to £ 600,000 in 18 months. It is not mandatory that the amount will cost you the product (although some apps, especially in your life).

It will give you 18 months of track if you write £ 28,000 per month and have £ 96,000 in legal, accounting and capital expenses (laptops). Equipment manufacturers need an additional £ 600,000 to run a crowdfunding campaign, tools and small mass production of their product.

£ 28,000 per month is enough for four team members to work on a problem within 18 months, with a good salary, and £ 400 per month per table.

The typical self-control team is something like:

  • Two developers to manage code, processes, operations and customer support
  • A product manager to create, design, test and support UX
  • A business leader that is ready, fundraising, sales, law, marketing and customer service

You will discover that in this case, your four people work at least four people. All of them provide support to the client because in the first days of the business, everyone had to assume the responsibility of understanding the client.

If you hire a team of developers like ours, you can be sure that each pound will work for future success. You get the final product with full functionality and ready to generate income. The average price is £ 20-60,000 and this amount will be the perfect investment for a quick start. Our developers are excellent team players and it will not be difficult to work with your internal staff to maximize productivity.

If you're lucky, 600,000 pounds, a lot of money in the real world, you should make sure that 90% + is included in a product (some things can not, like legal, office and laptops). Of course, you should not spend the money to attend conferences (if they do not lead to a sale), or unusual furniture for the office (buy a cheap scrap, or rent) or smart office.

Each pound must enter the article. Since the product is made by the person speaking in general, make sure that 80% of your expenses are on the payment sheet. Maybe something else is useless and unnecessary.

Angel's money generates income equivalent to or greater than expenses. This scenario is called "profitability" and can have a tremendous impact in the future.

Now, starting with seven people, when we spend more time than we spend, we have a nice path in front of us. With our products you can be sure that all investments will be made at the closest time.

When talking about the platform for development, you must define the target audience. There are not so many Apple device users. But they are ready to invest money in their gadget. Since business people often like Apple for corporate and personal use, iOS is the best platform for future products if the software is for those users.

Our company is not only the best app development company in the world, but we are also proud that the best Apple developers are ready to offer you a service at a reasonable price. Your only job is to hire our service. Later, you should relax and make excellent Apple products.

How does the server element affect my rate?

Craig Hockenberry has created an influential response on how much it costs to create Twitterrific. There was a refund of £ 200,000 on both Apple iPhone and iPad. In fact, Twitterrific was an alternative cost because it was created by an internal Iconfactory. There were two factors of form, but the elements of the server were not included since the consumption of the API was intense and changed to the marked interface.

Since the advance, more efficient server components are added, relying on backend service providers such as Parse or Firebase. However, the development connected to the server has exceeded the load considerably.

Our developers periodically point out prospects for the initial launch of Instagram and financing. They are a great example of an app that is much better than software. It is configured on a smartphone equipped with a stable back-end server.

Uber's initial funding was 1,200,000 pounds (seeds and angels) in the next highest round. The exact heavy element of the server is again, it is an important point: for most apps, the server needs to work in secret.

In this review, a program created for Apple's smartphone and a platform with a complex user interface or a substantial backend can cost between 200,000 pounds and 1,200,000 pounds.

Some of the larger companies that focus on the app will not pay attention if the budget does not represent at least 400,000 pounds. They cite more than 800,000 pounds estimated in a discussion of approximately 15 minutes.

The average budget for a simple app to build v1.0 in our company is approximately 40,000 pounds. As we continue to support monthly support for customer technical support, updates and introduction of new features, the total number of customers is as described above. All these products are integrated with the API or are necessary to create a server. Actually, autonomous applications are insignificant.

As mentioned earlier, Apple's developer fee is not the highest in the industry. We will simplify your expenses and always try to offer a transparent price.

Therefore, in this last complete category, there is another answer.

  • The Apple program created by the largest institution can be between 400,000 and 1,000,000 pounds sterling.
  • Applications created by software development companies cost between £ 20,000 and £ 500,000,
  • Products created in small stores with only 2 or 3 developers cost between £ 10,000 and £ 90,000.
  • Our rate fluctuates from 20,000 pounds to 6 or 7 depending on the necessary solution. Apple developers have extensive experience in both start-ups and large companies. I appreciate all customers regardless of the amount of work or products I create.
  • We are always ready to consult on the details and provide an estimate of the total cost of the project.

Think about the charges for low complexity apps

Even programs that do not even integrate server components and APIs are complicated and difficult. Our Apple developer has created an independent system of six numbers. We also created an app that integrates the API and five numbers.

It really extends to a set of product-specific features. However, as experience shows, to understand the cost of products without servers or API components included, you can reduce the previous figures by half. To receive a qualitative app from a professional company, we generally invest around 30,000 pounds.

Keep in mind that the cost of delivering programs to the Apple Store is always outside of the v1.0 budget. It costs more than the initial specification, UX, design, development, project management. You should also consider part of the minimum budget and the possible server fee required for continuous updates.

You must estimate the cost during the support period (if you do), consider the company's rate for marketing and distribution, and similar factors. These costs are already included if the existing company hires an external company such as our company and is creating a program. If you are an independent or young entity, you only guarantee that you are budgeting the cost of a realistic estimate of the applications provided in the Apple Store.

Choose the right partner for success

Our team of professional developers has the essential experience of creating programs for Apple devices and understands all the nuances of creating innovative apps. Because the App Store is well equipped with excellent apps, the development of large applications requires great skills in design and coding. Therefore, it must be an exceptional program to distinguish it from competitors. Over the years, we have created software that is very popular in the Apple Store and received hundreds of positive comments from users.

  • Our Apple developers. We create different projects, such as the development of mobile games, a challenging bespoke business management systems, databases, with all the energy and skills integrated in work, we achieve the highest quality to satisfy the customer needs.
  • We provide solutions. The difference with other developers is that the average result is not what we are providing. Our Apple's programs are carefully developed and polished to perfection.

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