Bespoke Software Development in the UK for Businesses Large and Small

As a leading provider of bespoke software development in the UK, we bring solutions that enhance your workflow. Our programmers are eager to implement innovations to help companies leverage modern technology. Do you want to take advantage of digital online presence?

Bespoke Software

The main difference between bespoke software, also known as custom or tailor-made software, is built specifically to meet specific customer needs. Whether you need to create software solutions for a large audience or create IT products for your employees, we're always ready to help you achieve your business goals. Our experience covers everything from building customer-facing applications to a comprehensive management system. We know how to achieve the expected goals based on technical background and industry insight. Working with a bespoke software development team in the UK offers up-to-date solutions that are tailored to meet your company's goals and requirements.


A team of experienced mobile developers will help you deploy your business in a mobile environment. Mobile technology enables people to work remotely, access corporate data from anywhere, increase productivity, and streamline workflow. In addition, the mobile environment enables companies to reach their target audience more effectively and promote the brand globally. Our mobile development experience has enabled us to deliver state-of-the-art software solutions for smartphones and tablets for all major mobile operating systems such as iOS, Android and Windows. We never cease to be interested in emerging innovations and quickly implement cutting edge technologies in our development model to ensure we exceed customer expectations.

Internet technology has inspired us to break the wall and reach new heights. This UK development team can boast of talented web developers who are well versed in the front-end (seen by some users) and back-end scripts (server-server and task execution). We work with hundreds of bespoke web development projects to provide e-commerce platforms, intranet / extranet portals, content management and customer relationship management systems and other solutions. We help companies automate day-to-day operations, streamline key processes, and improve overall productivity. We also have sufficient knowledge to provide bespoke database solutions that improve data management, processing and storage.

Bespoke software development requires certain skills and modeling. Developers based in the UK have two strategies in place. This is why you have a detailed list of specifications and either start your app on an agreed timeframe, or if you are not sure about the requirements and want to maintain a flexible development lifecycle on a regular delivery results - let's adjust our Process of building software for your needs.

There are two basic ways to develop bespoke software products:

  • Waterfall method - a traditional method
  • Agile - A specific type of rapid app development

They are widely used by programmers, have advantages and disadvantages, have proven their availability. Let's compare these methods to find out which one is best for you. Anyway, we are ready to execute the project in this way.

This linear model of bespoke software production means that each event in the sequence is completed before the next event begins. This means that programmers collect and document all client requirements and then design the design. When the design is completed and agreed upon with the customer, they encode each unit, test it, perform a complete system test, correct the error, and deliver the final product. Each step is a very different stage, the requirements of the programmers and clients are the same, can not be changed during the development process.

Advantages of the method

On the positive side of this approach:\

  • Planning and direct design
  • Comprehensive work is stated in advance
  • Team members complete their freedom as quickly as possible and start other jobs
  • The existence of a client is not a strict requirement, unless it is for approval, meeting of status and review of results
  • A better understanding of requirements ensures that software design is more cautious
Is it suitable for your project?

Meanwhile, in the UK, developing bespoke software based on a waterfall approach means that customers should be able to clearly see their future applications and create a list of needs. If this is the first time a customer creates a software product, there may be difficulties. Misunderstandings about the appropriate software product can result in totally unsatisfactory results, even if they are perfectly adapted to the requirements. All changes are difficult to integrate.

Unlike waterfalls, agility means building the flexibility of an iterative approach to building applications. Agile methods encourage developers to quickly deliver complete functional components of the app. Sprint divided into weeks (about two weeks) The app creates several products that are set before each Sprint. As a result, customers get results frequently and have better control over the situation as they see how each Sprint software product evolves.

The advantages of agile methods include:

  • Regular observation of deliveries
  • Throughout the project development process, be able to change the IT strategy
  • Higher levels of control and more opportunities to meet the full solution
  • Reduce the time to market the basic version of the app
  • Focus on the commercial value because of more frequent customer instructions
Agile Risks

Although it has introduced agile methods to cover the weaknesses of the waterfall, it also has some disadvantages. One is the highest level of customer engagement. On the one hand, delivering fully compatible products means greater opportunities and, on the other hand, is a problem for customers who do not have enough time to participate. If you need to make changes and run other Sprints, it's hard to stay within the originally planned budget.

Stages of development


Close to professional UK developers, you need to be prepared to explain your software needs or at least detail your business challenges. The correct message and statement is intended to solve half of your problem. We are always focused on finding the right software solution to increase business value and generate ROI.

Each app, web interface and data management solution need an intuitive design for users who help users interact with the program. Our UK company owns a talented and creative UI designer and team of UX experts. We use the mobile interface to ensure its availability, taking into account that the display size of the device is smaller, the input tool is the finger of the user. We also ensure that our designs reflect our clients' business identity.

Bespoke software development in the UK follows certain standards and guidelines. Each project is accompanied by a capable software engineer who helps create a scalable and robust architecture that ensures successful project developers and developers can break it down into multiple units and write code faster. Our programmers write clear, readable code that meets company and customer standards.

We can start by providing MVP or help you activate a comprehensive app with enhanced functionality. Knowledge of multiple programming languages, the use of libraries, frameworks and APIs, as well as the ability of third-party technologies and development tools allow us to create first-class software products.

If you are working with a UK bespoke software development organization, quality assurance services must be incorporated into the app creation lifecycle. Our staff helps you with top class quality specialists. When we got the first delivery, they ran a series of tests to check the availability, security, performance, and capabilities of the software to meet customer requirements.


Many people do not pay enough attention to the aftermath of the software, which can result in the experience of the cart even if it refuses to operate. As the operating system is updated, the program needs to be adapted to its new features and requirements. We are very happy to be able to extend our cooperation with our customers to see their shows bring them changes.

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Bespoke Software Development in the UK

Create bespoke IT products for mobile or desktop platforms for online and offline use. However, these developers are ready to provide you with any bespoke development needs. We embrace all major IT areas that offer mobile and web development services.

  • Front-end programmers can create amazing interfaces with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, AJAX, and other technologies to demonstrate their experience in client-side scripting.
  • Back-end developers use a range of high-level languages ​​for powerful functionality. Our toolboxes include Ruby, Python, PHP, Perl, ASP.NET, C ++, C #, MySQL and more.
  • Mobile solutions also require computer-specific languages ​​and development tools. Therefore, iOS programmers write the Swift or Objective-C code in the Android Studio IDE in the Xcode IDE (integrated development environment), Android developer - Java code, and Windows development team. Visual Studio IDE uses a number of programming languages ​​for write code, including C # and Visual Basic.

We are willing to provide you with a team of first-rate developers who know how to create bespoke IT products for well-run small and business projects in the UK and around the world. Fulfilling your requirements and creating an app vision for your business needs, we provide digital solutions that ensure they add value and increase business efficiency. Do not hesitate to contact us and tell us your idea of ​​the app.