The iOS Developer Contract is a Guarantee of Fair Cooperation

We are a fully reputable IT company that specializes in creating first-class solutions for iOS-based devices. The members of our team know all about software development and we will be happy to showcase professional skills and professional work strategies to create the best applications based on the most demanding requirements.

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Our company is an online IT organization with developers, engineers, programmers, programmers and well-trained iOS specialists with years of experience. We have strong partnerships with clients from all over the world, from individual entrepreneurs to large companies, long and short term. We ensure that the parties involved have the ideal communication to maximize their performance.

The developers carefully examine the project and the objectives and provide a complete development plan, a document should specify the scope of the mission, cost, implementation and management. In other words, you come to the concept that we take everything from bureaucracy to execution and execution. The team of iOS experts will be carefully selected to suit your needs.


Our development agencies can be proud of the most talented programmers in the global marketplace. Some of which are internationally renowned. We have invested a lot of professionals. Our rigorous selection and training ensure that iOS application developers are an experienced programmer who can accurately deliver the content you need, and when necessary, the deadline is sacred to us.

Our in-house developer specializes in iOS development, linearization, UX / UI responsive design, e-commerce solutions and start-up consulting, as well as enterprise testing, software, AppStore optimization, post-inspiration and many other high levels of support for all business needs. Provide professional services.

When someone's job is to design and develop mobile applications, this requires a number of responsibilities. Just making the application and becoming an iOS developer is different. If the programmer is critical to the career of a mobile application, he must start with the appropriate business contract, enhance the entertainment, and engage in high-quality professional practices.

Written contract protects the developer and the customers with whom they cooperate. Proper drafting of the contract can ensure that the contractor receives the commission of the work performed by the client obtaining the appropriate quality of the product to avoid the pain of high headaches.

According to copyright laws, the developer has "fixed and tangible" moment code, ie even if it does not start anything, the developer, once saved, has the copyright. This is also worth for the layout and creative content of the application. When working with a development company, the customer will receive the rights to all components of the product.

In all cases, iOS developers also use other people's work to build their application. You should make sure that they have the right to use them. Otherwise, you may be exposed to third-party revenue requirements. This is the purpose of the technology transfer contract. This is a basic contract, a person will be assigned to the developer (or development company, if they are merged) the work of intellectual property.

As with every contract, it must be legally considered. In fact, taking into account the value of the exchange of intellectual property. Usually it is money (any price will be made, but as the symbolic amount of $ 1 may be controversial), but it can also be the equality of the organization. It can also be a commitment, including a percentage of future sales or income. The key issue is the declaration and guarantee of the person who distributes the copyright. For example, this step will explain:

  • Developer is the sole owner of all intellectual property and property.
  • Developer will not transfer those rights to anyone.
  • Developer is not aware of the infringement of intellectual property, infringement or theft of third party rights.
  • Developer is not created by a third party when you create intellectual property (if this is the case where the intellectual property belongs to the employer).

Please note that such agreements generally include non-disclosure terms. This is a priority and should not be a negotiating point.

If you use the contractor to build any component of the application, you need to use a different name document: the hiring contract, the independent contractor contract, or even the mobile application development service contract. They are basically the same as long as they contain terms of "hiring work" such as:

"Employing the work developers expressly acknowledge and agree that all proprietary materials prepared by the developer under this Contract, unless otherwise specified, are deemed to be" leased works "and are the exclusive property of the Company. limited to, Personnel Services or any tangible results and benefits set forth in this Contract, all tangible results and benefits of the Services, in progress, documented, illustrated, drawings, specifications, developers, individually or in cooperation with others, designed, produced or discovered Graphics, software, programs, middleware, applications, and solutions are in any way related to Developer Services during this Contract. "

The advantage of a working protocol is that it is responsible for allocating IP. Timely signature, ie before any work is done, this contract guarantees that all codes and projects that the Contractor has built for you will be automatically assigned to you. However, developers are always trying to keep so-called "portfolio rights" so they can showcase their jobs to future customers.

Often referred to as a "service contract" or other variant, this contract is substantially different from that described above in the intellectual property clauses, by default, no copyright is allocated, however, it is a (constant or regular) fee approved by the client or by the commissioner. Permission to allow freelancers iOS builders to customize their products, such as:

  • They may limit the scope of a license for a particular task or product, geographical location or term;
  • They can let the customer pay the price for the specific use of the code;
  • They can set a unique IP reminder for the so-called "tool" (that is, the code or source fragment that the developer contains multiple tasks), simply because they do not mean that the client has the tool on some tasks. The customer continues to use it. )

Most of the time, iOS developers are looking for a compromise between licensing and work budgets. Integrated service contracts are often the best of both worlds.

For now, if a developer does not make a privacy policy, it will not be illegal, which means that it will not collect financial information or data related to health and other private information. However, a developer is stuck in the stricter EU privacy policy. In addition, the terms of the Apple App Store for all products that require a username and password should be updated and a "legal" privacy policy. As a result, your application will most likely require a privacy policy.

There are several free private insurers that are available for the most convenient.

The non-disclosure agreement is the last contract, but not least. This type of contract is very standard in the digital business and all respected iOS developers must sign it.

In our company, we started working with the NDA to discuss the details and sign. We guarantee the confidentiality of all data provided. Even if we only estimate the project, we can ensure that all ideas and materials are reliably protected.

We are ready to talk about the conspiracy on every level. You decide:

  • Can we specify the company's developers in the project?
  • Can our organization mention your project in our portfolio?
  • Be the right to authorize the portfolio;
  • What information should not be disclosed.

This method is based on the undisputed secrets of loyalty and the relationship between.

Our service has a trial period, you can turn any reason without any penalty. In addition to the high level of customer service, we also strive to achieve perfection in all technical elements.

An important part of our work makes our customers happy and, as the company was founded, we succeeded. We can honestly say that most customers do not have good comments for us, tell us how they see how excited their ideas are and they pride themselves on having created something completely satisfied. We have some very ecstatic employers who have used iOS developers for many years, many of whom have become lifelong companions.

Since they are very satisfied with our performance, most of our first customers become regular. Many customers want to monetize the applications we develop, most of which are successful, from the income earned with a huge profit.

Our company is proud to announce that we have never had any legal problems with our customers. Our internal policy is infallible and we reserve the right to terminate the relationship with the employer if we reasonably suspect that he is illiterate or outside of criminal / ethical boundaries. Just as reserves the right to reject any iOS application or public market software if the company deems it important because of a particular ethical / moral principle.

Our company focuses on several areas, but we have an exclusive application creator in iOS development. We have many customer stories: the company has increased its sales, the site has expanded visitors and people have made many of the applications they invented.

Our studio developers use a number of tools to understand the benefits of third-party architecture. The use of such a platform gives us the opportunity to code any language other than Objective-C and Swift, thus reducing development time.

The ability to create applications on the iOS platform is what our developers and designers absolutely like, and their passion is obvious in many projects where they work.

We are always open to dialogue

Whether you need professional advice on legal issues related to application development, or if you have a perfect idea to achieve, we are ready to discuss each issue in detail, provide free advice and find out for each unique case good solution.

Contact us at any time with our customer department - we are ready to cooperate.