Make your First IPhone App

With a good iPhone app, you could probably strike gold. Apple Inc. pays a lot to app developers who produce excellent apps for their store. If your design is unique and it attracts a lot of users in the app market, you are up for a fortune. So whether you code because you like to or if you’re willing to make some money, developing an IOS app could be a great way to boost your career. Here are a few pointers.

Connect to Apple

The first thing you should do if you’re looking to build an app is register with Apple Developer Connection. Apple will provide you with developing tools for the current retail version of Apple IOS. You will be able to test your app in here.

Swift or C?

Coding is the key to app development. For IOS systems, you will need to learn Objective C or Swift to write the programme for your app. So make sure you learn either or both of the languages before you start building your app.

Have a Plan

You have to come up with a proper plan for your app. First up, sketch the interface for your app, including each display and each icon. Second, revise what your app is designed to do. If it’s a game, decide on how you are going to present it to your user. If it’s a social app, try figuring out how you would set up connections between people with common interests. Then verify the features of the app, its theme and strategy carefully.

Code or Xcode?

Now if you’re looking to have a career shift to app development, you should code your own app. This way you will be able to modify and personalise it the way you prefer. Coding is always safer if you are sure about the language as it gives you independence over your app.
Apple came out with its own IDE (Integrated Development Environment) for their fellow developers. They called this Mac Program as Xcode. If you are not confident about your skills as a programmer, you should definitely go for Xcode.

Your App in the App Store

Now that you’re done building and testing your app, it’s time for you to see what reaction it receives from your users. You can submit your app to Apple via iTunes Connect.
Apple has a tendency to reject apps often because of their high degree of expectations from developers or due to usage of violence & nudity, or simply because of technical glitches. So to view your app in the app store, it has actually got to be very good.